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Veldenz Wanderweg
Remigius Wanderweg



Pfälzer Bergland
„Hin und Weg“

Bahnhofstraße 67
66869 Kusel
Tel: +49 6381 42 42 70
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The Official Manual is out of stock. You can get a map „Wandern im Pfälzer Bergland“ and a flyer „Veldenz Wanderweg“:
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The Veldenz Wanderweg

Safety Information


Hiking gear and sturdy shoes are required.
Walking sticks are recommended!

Safety Information

Partial results of the footpath across narrow paths and rocks. Good footwear is required. For prams areas in the nature reserves are not suitable! 

Especially in the fall is also necessary to ensure that the leaves lying on the ground can conceal irregularities, roots, rocks or holes in the road. With paths impairments of this kind you can expect when you take a hike. Should you be of the opinion that these are not accessible to you in certain ways sections, then you should get round. Especially in adverse weather conditions, it may at natural ways to muddy and slippery passages come.

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